Great Subscription Benefits

Discounts   Savings of up to 15% off box office prices.

Extra tickets for friends and family   Save 20% on additional tickets purchased for any of the concerts to which you subscribe.

Peace of mind   You are guaranteed your same seats at Sanders Theatre if you renew your seats by July 15. Six-concert subscribers have first priority in all seating requests; four-concert subscribers are seated second, and single concert purchases are on an as-available basis.

Personalized service   Call 617.349.0086 and we will assist you with any questions or concerns.

Easy ticket exchange   Notify the office up to five days before a concert and we will be glad to exchange your tickets for a different performance.

Join the Brahms Circle   Subscribers who have consecutively attended concerts for more than 5 years automatically become members of the Brahms Circle. Each member is entitled to receive a complimentary ticket during the season and is invited to special gatherings. To learn more about the Brahms Circle, click here.

Subscription packages

For Sanders Series subscriptions   Please tell us your seating preference (renewing the same seats from previous season or moving to a new location; a specific section close to a friend/family member; wheelchair and accompanying seats, etc.) in the “Comments / Special Instructions” box during the check-out process.

Hamel Summer Series
Subscribe to all four concerts for $115.

Sanders Series 6-concert subscription
From $115 to $275, and $48 for students

Sanders Series 4-concert subscription
From $75 to $200, and $32 for students

MIT Series
Subscribe to both concerts for $60