Commissioning Club

In recognition of our 30th Anniversary, we have launched an annual commission program so BCMS as an organization can actively contribute to the creation of our art in our time. The program also helps us to continue our recent practice of expanding our repertoire with forgotten and more recent works even as we lovingly interpret the familiar classics. One new work written for BCMS would be programmed each season starting with 2013-14, our 31st.

We would like to invite you to join the BCMS Commissioning Club and be among thirty individuals and couples to provide an ongoing funding base for this venture. With a three-year pledge of at least $300 per individual or $500 per couple per year, you can help BCMS to reach the goal of having more than $10,000 each year available to engage future composers and prepare their work for presentation. The BCMS Commissioning Club members would be invited to be the first to hear the work as it is prepared for premiere on our series, and to enter a dialog with our composer and musicians at private events.

We expect in time these BCMS commissions will join others in our repertoire that are the evidence of similar commitments of individuals, families, ensembles and chamber societies throughout the ages. For more information, please contact Wen Huang, Managing Director, by calling the BCMS office at 617.349.0086.