Welcome to Rondo, the Boston Chamber Music Society’s club for young professionals! Specially priced Rondo tickets for concerts listed below are available to patrons aged 21-39. Each Rondo ticket ($30) includes a pre- or post-concert cocktail hour as well as a Price III seat.

Purchase tickets by calling (617) 349-0086 or online.

Discount Code: RONDO

Be sure to pick from seats coded yellow on the seating chart. ID required to pick up tickets.

2014/15 Rondo concerts:

Sunday, Oct. 26, Beethoven/Schumann/Tchaikovsky   Tickets
Sunday, Nov. 22, All Brahms   Tickets
Sunday, Feb. 22, Mozart, Mostly   Tickets
Sunday, Apr. 19, Schubert, Jalbert, Brahms   Tickets