About BCMS


Boston Chamber Music Society is funded in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council

“…vivid, compelling, and first rate!” –The Boston Globe

The Boston Chamber Music Society, BCMS, presents the most extensive and longest-running chamber music series in New England. Founded in 1982 by cellists Bruce Coppock and Ronald Thomas with a group of enthusiastic music colleagues, BCMS is an ensemble of superb musicians who come together in different combinations to prepare and perform chamber music. Over the last thirty seasons, BCMS has built a reputation for impassioned performances, ripened over time by the long personal and professional histories of its member musicians. BCMS invites guest musicians, chosen for their particular affinity for, and mastery of, the works they will play, to join the members, expanding the artistic possibilities to virtually all works in the chamber music repertoire.

BCMS’s mission is to provide the public with exceptional performances of chamber music repertoire from the Baroque era to the present day while fostering understanding and appreciation of the artform, making it more accessible to all.

BCMS is distinguished in Boston’s musically fertile region for its enduring performance standards. The ensemble playing demonstrates the perfect combination of control and freedom that comes from years of collaboration: individual musical personalities find expression without dominating. The effect is one of the miracles of music—sheer aesthetic beauty.